Learn more about Retirement Investment Finance


How Retirement Investment Finance Works.
While many of the steps to this program can be complicated, we make it easy. The ability to offer this program came with the passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974. Since then, tens of thousands of small business owners have used this type of financing to launch and grow their new businesses.
It happens through a 5-step process:
  1. Our legal team forms you a new business entity, a C-Corporation.
  2. We create a new 401(K) plan for your new corporation.
  3. Our legal team transfers your retire¬ment funds from your existing retire¬ment account into your new plan. (no tax penalties!)
  4. Your new 401(k) plan invests into your new business entity (purchases stock)
  5. Now your new debt-free corporation can do whatever you want. Grow your business to make it everything you dreamed it would be. No debt. Plenty of cash. Ready to rock.
What Is Included:
  • Tax-penalty-free funding for your business. Debt-free financing. No monthly payments or interest expenses.
  • A new C-Corporation (legal entity).
  • Corporate organizational documents prepared by our legal team. Includes bylaws, minutes, & resolutions.
  • Preparation of Stock Certificates and Stock Ledger by our Corporate Securities Attorney.
  • A new corporate 401(k). Invest funds in your business, & put the rest in the market. A benefit for your employees.
  • Free Lifetime Corporate Organizational Management for your new business.