Unsecured Finance: Requirements

Micro-Loans and Unsecured Financing for up to $150k could be the solution to your immediate financial need. 

Business Requirements:

  • New Corporations are OK, DBA’s also accepted
  • If you already have a company, you need to have clean business history, with no judgments or unpaid loans in the company name
  • Business financials & history not required, but may increase results
Officer Requirements:
  • At least one corporate officer must meet the following criteria 
  • 700+ FICO credit score (770+ Vantage score)
  • No derogatory credit marks within 6 months
  • No judgments or collections in unpaid status
  • Absolutely No Bankruptcies
  • At least 1 established credit line with $3,000+ limit
  • The officer must maintain a clean profile through the program. This includes avoiding mortgage changes and additional car loans during the program.


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