Equity2LLC Provides Unsecured Business Financing

For years, Equity2LLC has been providing business owners, self employed and individual investors with the unsecured business financing that they need.  Our clients have a diverse set of needs for unsecured business financing including:

  • Franchising Financing-  For franchise owners looking to acquire a new franchise, expand a franchise or invest in growing an existing franchise, unsecured business financing can help you achieve you achieve your business goals.
  • Capital Equipment Financing- If you are a business owners looking to acquire needed capital equipment needed to run your business we can help.  For example, for truckers looking to provide funding for their new over the road tractors or the doctor or dentist, looking to upgrade their practices equipment, unsecured business financing can be just the ticket.
  • Investment Capital- Any successful investor knows that the key to taking advantage of opportunities and maximizing returns is to us "OPM" (Other People's Money).  On a regular basis, Equity2LLC helps clients, like real estate investors get the capital that they need to remain nimble and seize opportunities as they present themselves.

No matter what the reason you need unsecured business financing, Equity2LLC can help qualified clients get access to the cash that they need.  If you are seeking unsecured business financing, why not contact us today and let us go to work for you.

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