The #1 Reason Businesses Fail

When asked, “Why do you believe most businesses fail? What is the common thread?” 

We understand the stress that goes into running a business. Do you lie awake at night, wondering how you’re going to make your next payroll? Are you consumed with finding a way to put your hands on the money you need to fulfill that next contract?

In this day when the bank is slow to give small businesses the loans they need to succeed, there are other options.

Equity2LLC specializes in finding the perfect solution for your financing needs. We have the connections that you need.

Key Features of our Unsecured Financing

  • No financials or income verification of any kind.
  • Available for clients with good credit
  • Possible approval within 24 hours
  • Receive first funding within 2-3 weeks
  • Usually complete within 4-6 weeks
  • $25K to $250K available
  • Helps build your business credit score
  • Available for sole proprietorships (not incorporated), C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, DBAs and any person with qualifying credit

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