4 Ways Factoring Will Help Your Business

In a sluggish economy, slow paying customers can put the squeeze on you and your business.  Instead of suffering from a cash flow crunch, factoring your invoices can turn this negative situation around and let your business move ahead.

Factoring allows you to use your invoices as collateral for a short-term loan.  This gives you the cash that you need to keep your business moving ahead.

1. Immediate Financing. Receive capital quickly. Once the approval process is completed, the cash will be in your bank within days.

2. Meet your payroll and payroll taxes. Your workers have to be paid, and so does Uncle Sam. Factoring takes away the stress of wondering if you can pay your employees by getting paid quickly for the jobs you’ve invoiced.

3. Increase your purchasing power. This can allow you to buy more materials up front and get discount pricing.

4.  Enjoy flexible financing. You choose how much you want to factor, when you want to factor, and for how long.

Looking for a factoring solution? Your friendly team at Equity2 will put together a customized plan to meet your needs.

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