Unsecured Business Financing: Have the courage to act





There is a lot of debate today about who is to blame for the stalled or sluggish economy.  Is there an absence of opportunity?  Is there an absence of risk-takers?  Of course not.  






If you are someone who sees market disruption or turmoil as an opportunity to be seized rather than feared, you know that there are plenty of opportunities to be had for example:

  • Foreclosures in the Real Estate market have opened tremondous investment opportunities in both land and land based securities
  • Struggling businesses in all niche markets have opened the doors  for expansion and start up businesses
  • Short term weakness in investment returns have opened up the benefits in investing in your own business with capital equipment

The problem of course is not a lack of opportunity, the problem is the lack of access to investment capital.  For the past several years the Government has flooded the banks with historically inexpensive cash in the hopes that they would get that into the hands of the investors and job creators to stimulate the economy.  The fact is that available credit is the life blood of any healthy economy.

Instead of getting this cash out to people like you where it could be put to use, the banks have been gripped with fear and have been increasing their cash reserves and protecting their shareholders instead of being a partner to those who want to take advantage of this historic opportunity.  Some have reported that banks and commercial lenders are declining 9 out of 10 applications for financing.

In this type of economic environment, private money lenders, like Equity 2 LLC have stepped in to fill the gap with both unsecured business financing and hard money lending options available.  We understand that there is not a lack of opportunity, nor is there a lack of vision, there is a lack of confidence and courage on the part of the banks and commercial lenders.  If you are looking for a source of unsecured business financing we can help.

We help investors and business owners get unsecured financing for a wide variety of situations including:

  • Investing in Real Estate or Real Estate backed securities
  • Funding for Capital Equipment Investment
  • Start up or Franchise business opportunities
  • Funding short term business needs

You have identified your opportunity, but timing is of the essence, so seize the opportunity and contact Equity2llc and tell us about your unsecured business financing needs so we can help make your vision a reality.

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